SEO Consulting.

We don't typically manage SEO campaigns but give you the tools and a customized plan for you to either do it yourself or hire freelancers to do specific tasks for you. We can manage your campaigns but we don't want to charge you a premium price for our time when there are plenty of people out there who can do it for less. Just look at sites like vworker and odesk for the types of freelancers who are available to do this for you. What we do is look at your site and find out what direction you want your site to go in. What are your goals? We look at more than just getting you spammy recip links that can help you get penalized. What you think you're already penalized? Well then maybe we can help. Halfdeck can look at your code as well as take a look at what either you or other people you hired have been up to and can let you know if you've gotten yourself in trouble with the search engines. We can help from developing a broad SEO strategy or just book an hour or two consultation with Halfdeck. Drop us a line to learn more.

Website Reviews.

Maybe you don't want a full blown strategy but want someone to look over your site. A website review is a good place to start. We will look over the basic structure of your site and take a look at your linking portfolio to see if there are any major problems going on. A site review isn't going to give you ideas on how to bring in new traffic but might be a good place to start especially if you think there might be technical problems with your site. You never know how much traffic you might be losing.

PPC Campaigns.

Need instant traffic? Nothing beats running an ad and getting leads/sales right away for your keywords. We can work with you to set up a budget and plan out your campaigns. We have experience setting up PPC campaigns in a number of different verticals so let us take some of the guess work and make certain your hard earned dollars are going to bring you the biggest returns. Contact us below to find out how we can help you.

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