About Halfdeck Consulting.


I started out making affiliate sites but soon gravitated towards SEO and making my own tools. As an SEO I've helped people troubleshoot issues to see if they have been penalized or if there is something in the code of the website that might be causinig them a problem. I've built products I use myself and I'm always aware of the user when building/consulting for others. In my free time I enjoy pool, video games, cooking and watching movies.


I work with Halfdeck learning to code and design websites. A common interest in SEO brought us together and a desire to make my primary website better resulted in this partnership. I'm currently focused on design work but my main goal would be to empower small business owners to develop their own web development skills. There is so much more out there for businesses beyond a Wordpress blog.

Origins of Batcoder. Bruce Wayne goes through a training process in Batman Begins when he learns to be a superhero - I'm training to be a supercoder not unlike Batman or Wonder Woman- keep an eye out on the porfolio pages, new designs will be added on a regular basis.

Besides design work, I am a real estate broker and have plans to start a blog focused on Android tablets. I also like playing Sorority Life on Facebook.